Social Security Claims In Martinsburg, WV

Have your Social Security Disability benefits been wrongfully denied? At Power Beck & Matzureff, we fight to secure the benefits you're entitled to and paid taxes for. Many individuals suffering from chronic conditions, injury or disease find themselves in a frightening situation when they can't work or pay the bills. Unfortunately, Social Security sometimes fails as a security net and thousands of valid claims are denied every year.

Don't let the system fail you. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients denied Social Security claims.
Social Security Claims include:

  • Disability Claims
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • SSI Supplemental Income… and more!

Frequently Asked Social Security Claim Questions:

1. Am I eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?
2. Why was my Social Security Disability application denied?
3. What is the difference between Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income?
4. If I suffer from depression or anxiety, or any other mental or emotional illness, can I qualify for Social Security Disability?

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